Monday, December 19, 2011

TOP 12 Reasons Good Men Are Single (Part 2)

Top 12 Reasons A Good Men Are Single Part 2

Ok so I am back to finish my list of The Top 12 Reasons A Good Man Is Single. I believe in personal accountability, so you will notice that I refuse to blame women for the issue (though some do contribute to it). Here are my next 6 reasons:
         7. He is Gay
      -  Now let me clear something up. In no way do I want you to jump to the conclusion that anytime you see a single “good man” that means he is gay. This is not at all the case, but that does not mean this isn’t one of the reasons a lot of “good men” are not available for women. I want to give honest reasons, but please don’t go around to every single “good man” saying, “oh, so you must be gay” lol that’s not cool ladies.
2.     8. He is not secure financially
      -  Despite what kind of financial status he may portray, a “good man” may not always be as financially set as he would like. A real man who loves his woman wants to be able to provide for her. It does not mean he has to be able to shower her with gifts but he wants to be able to take care of the essentials and a little more. So, if he isn’t comfortable with his finances, he may hold back on entering a relationship. We can discuss whether he should or shouldn’t think this way, but the fact remains it does happen a lot.
3.      9. Sexually he sucks!
      -  I don’t mean that literally, because if he did the right kind of licking and sucking he may be able to overcome some of his sexual deficiencies. I mean the man has no clue on how to sexually and intimately handle a woman. Some women actually allow themselves to suffer through this because he is a “good man”. You may be able to get by on low sexual skills in some cases, but not knowing how to pleasure a woman decreases your ability to keep a woman. Whether it’s right or wrong, sex can be a huge factor in “good men” being single, and not to mention “bad men” having women they don’t deserve.
4.      10. He has been hurt
      -  As many women as there are that carry around emotional baggage from their past, there are many men who do the same. That “good man” may be having a hard time getting out of his own way and conquering his fear of being vulnerable in a relationship. Though I do believe many men simply use this reason as a cop-out and a way to deflect the real reasons. I still feel there are many it does apply to.
5.     11. He wants more than one woman
      -  The simple fact is, a lot of “good men” know their value. They understand they are a hot commodity and they have no intention of not taking full advantage of this. They don’t want to be in a relationship, they want to be with a variety of women and just have “fun”. He may be a good guy but he just isn’t ready or receptive to a commitment right now. Many men feel the need to play the field before they settle down. Being viewed as a “good man” makes it easier to have options and do what they like.
6.     12. He hasn’t found the right one
      -  Unlike a lot of women, most men are not as pressed to find a significant other. We are much more willing to take our time but the desire to have sex usually pushes many men into relationships much sooner than they really care to be in one. A guy knows he has a lot of options, and is less willing to possibly sign his life away with the wrong girl. Women tend to be ready to jump on any guy with a great resume and think here is her chance to finally settle down. Good girl doesn’t equal the right girl and vice versa. I think this is a smart way to approach things, but when you get with a “good person” that is the wrong one for you, you risk turning them, and yourself, into a “bad person” for everybody else.

I’m sure there are some reasons that we could swap in and out, but I am confident this list sheds some light on the topic. Main thing to take away from this is be honest with yourself and others as to what your issues are. Blaming others does nothing to help you control and correct the things you can, which is yourself. Many people want to be in a relationship, but if you aren’t right with yourself, it will be very hard to be right for anyone else


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